I didn’t think that men had biological clocks…

…but then I saw a toddler run away from his dad at the entrance to Disneyland, and the dad lunged after him and scooped him up, and the toddler–who started off by sprinting into the park–was suddenly FLYING into the park, shrieking with joy, and I’m just like


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Harry Potter and the Resonant Ending

By the end of Harry Potter, I think the series forgets why it’s special and becomes a collection of big dumb action setpieces.  That said, if I was redesigning the ending and HAD to keep Horcruxes, here’s how I’d set up the climax.

Hogwarts is a Horcrux.

It’s motivated. Voldemort has all the power and influence of Wizard Hitler, yet he’s still fixated on his high school.

It’s tactical. If it’s ever discovered, the demolition crew will have to contend with the nostalgia of literally every wizard in Great Britain.

It’s thematic. This is the only home Harry has ever loved, so forcing him to choose between defending it and destroying Voldemort would result in some fascinating and powerful drama.

It’s heartbreaking. Harry’s been our surrogate into the wizarding world, and we’ve spent seven years enjoying Hogwarts through his eyes. How poignant then to force him to destroy it, and with it, our (imaginary) chance of every enjoying it for ourselves?

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