How cold is it outside?

Cold enough to prove I love my dog

Cold enough to prove she doesn’t reciprocate

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“Tasty” is something that tastes good.

“Smelly” is something that smells bad.

This sort of senseless bias makes me touchy.

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1. “Oooh, a book of poetry!”

2.  Find one of its shortest poems.

3.  Judge.

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Pop on Hop

The pudgy pickle chopper
pulled the chain of his bath stopper
and let the water whimper down the drain.

In popped an old grasshopper,
run away from a field cropper,
and croaked a crick that crook’d the chopper’s brain.

With the pudgy chopper piqued–
in the full of his physique–
the ‘hopper hoped he’d hamper his attack…

…but the chopper popped a wallop,
so the ‘hopper was a dollop
on the spot the chopper thought he might lean back.

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Damn it.

I’d write a haiku, but that isn’t possible:  my ‘Enter’ key broke!

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A Reason for Fingers

Without our fingers,
it would be harder to count
haiku syllables.

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Binary Haiku


(I’m especially proud of the rhyme scheme.)

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I don’t understand
why people read poetry
if it doesn’t rhyme.

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‘The Aristocrats’ as a Haiku

Family acts vile.
Agent asks what their act’s called.
“The Aristocrats!”

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