Spieling in the Temple

Skippers don’t spiel in the Jungle Cruise‘s Cambodian Temple.  There isn’t a clear reason why.

Some claim it’s because the acoustics don’t pair well with the tinny microphone.  Some are content with the explanation that, “The script doesn’t provide any material for the Temple, so we’re not allowed to,” which is a long way of saying, “Because I say so.” Personally, I don’t like spieling in the Temple because it’s a gorgeously themed space.  The tone is so eerie.  To me, it’s the purest icon of Adventureland:  nature reclaiming humankind’s efforts.  It’s a sobering moment of meditation amid the puns. All that said, there was one time that I spieled in the Temple–without the microphone, I hasten to add, so it wasn’t wholly disruptive.  I hated how much I didn’t hate it. Here’s the bit:  when we pass the tiger, I leap to the opposite side of the boat and explain to the nearest guest that I’m not scared; I’m just allergic to cats.  Then, when we pass the cobras, I leap to the other side of the boat and explain that I’m not scared; I’m just allergic to venom. I was torn.  On the one hand, I hate spieling in the temple, but on the other, I love the joke.  So I thought, hey, maybe there’s a compromise…?  Maybe I’ll only do it with boats who aren’t playing along!  Screw ’em, they don’t deserve the ambiance! Then I realized that I was considering punishing people by telling them a joke that I love. This was the life I’d chosen.

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